RCS Messaging Support on Google’s Messenger App Rolling Out on Sprint

RCS Messaging Support on Google’s Messenger App Rolling Out on Sprint

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SMS once was a very integral part of communication, but the service no longer holds the same charm as it once did. With the advent of Internet-based IM apps on our smartphones, the reliance on SMS as a primary means of communication has been phased out.

A lot of this does have to do with the fact that SMS is limited and outdated, despite its reliability in certain situations. People have realized that SMS is in dire need of an upgrade to keep up with current use-cases. Communication these days is no longer limited to just textual information between two parties — there’s more media flowing through, and there are more people participating in conversations. Recognizing this need, the GSM Association along with Google joined hands in an initiative to upgrade the SMS experience.

Today, Google has announced that it is launching Rich Comunications Services (RCS) on Sprint, making this the first carrier launch from Google. RCS Messaging on Sprint, powered by the Jibe RCS cloud platform, will bring new features to SMS, like group chat, high resolution photo sharing, read receipts and more. To make use of this upgrade, users on Sprint need to grab the latest Messenger update. Further, new Android devices from Sprint coming next year will come with Messenger preloaded as the default SMS and RCS app.


The coming of RCS is a huge step for Android users in general as it gives the platform a lot of future potential. By implementing a universal profile on the carrier end, RCS is as close as we can get to an iMessage experience out-of-the-box across the wide plethora of Android devices. While other IMs have stepped in to fill the void that SMS failed to fill so far, a solution that is universally available and does not require any setup will be a boon for the average Android user. The advantages of modern IMs with the universality of SMS? Sign us up!

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Source: Google Blog