Realme is working on a 48MP camera phone alongside the Realme 3

Realme is working on a 48MP camera phone alongside the Realme 3

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Most high-end, flagship smartphones these days are shipping with camera sensors around the 12MP mark. With our current technologies, this seems to be the sweet spot for the best all-around camera even though there are sensors out there with a higher MP count. While these higher MP camera sensors are good for most situations, a higher MP count doesn’t translate over to a better overall camera. However, there’s been a trend of budget smartphones using a 48MP sensors and Realme seems to be developing a smartphone that uses one of these sensors alongside the Realme 3.

OPPO launched the Realme 2 in India back in August of last year and while we haven’t heard about any solid details for the Realme 3, we do know they are working on it. So far, the only information we know about the Realme 3 is that it will be announced sometime during the first quarter of this year. The CEO of Realme India, Madhav Sheth, did talk about another phone that was in development. Again, we don’t have many details to go on here but they did reveal that it would have a 48MP camera sensor.

So far the company has launched a base model of their Realme devices and a Pro version. It’s possible that the base version of the Realme 3 will have a conservative camera while they use the 48MP sensor as a selling point for the Pro version. Realme isn’t the first to talk about putting a 48MP camera in their budget smartphone. Xiaomi’s sub-brand, Redmi, just launched the Redmi Note 7 with a 48MP camera sensor from Samsung. The company also announced they would be releasing the Redmi Note 7 Pro a bit later and it would have a 48MP camera as well. However, the pro version of this device will have its camera sensor sourced from Sony instead of Samsung.

Source: The Indian Express