Realme devices are getting a new “Smooth Scrolling” feature

Realme devices are getting a new “Smooth Scrolling” feature

Since its release, Realme’s custom Android software, Realme UI, has managed to create its own loyal fanbase. The initial version of Realme UI is based on Android 10, while the upcoming second generation of the skin should be integrated on top of Android 11. Android purists might not like Realme’s take on the operating system, but the OEM does offer a plethora of additional features and behavior changes through their custom user interface that you won’t find in stock Android. One such feature is “Smooth Scrolling”, which is now being gradually rolled out to a number of Realme smartphones.


According to the company, users will experience “a visually smoother, faster effect when scrolling content downwards or upwards” after enabling the Smooth Scrolling option. The implementation feels more like a software emulated fluid scroll animation which takes effect as soon as you start to scroll within an app. Due to such a design, the accelerated effect is more recognizable when you’re going through an infinite scroll feed, like the one on Facebook or Twitter.


As of now, the Smooth Scrolling toggle can be found under Settings=>realme Lab, which means the OEM has yet to mark it as a stable feature. For those not familiar with the concept of “Realme Lab”, it is a special module of Realme UI through which the company conducts pilot tests of work-in-progress OS functionalities by real life users. Based on the feedback over time, Realme will permanently fuse the feature with the underlying OS, although we don’t know anything concrete about the timeline.


Here’s the full list of devices that have received the Smooth Scrolling feature so far:

Source: Realme Community

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