Realme will open exclusive retail stores in India later this year

Realme will open exclusive retail stores in India later this year

Realme started off as a branding within Oppo, but was later spun into its own company and brand that focused on catering to the “youth” audience. Realme smartphones have started gathering momentum in India, where they are seen as another alternative to the likes of Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Samsung and Asus. While Realme phone aren’t perfect and have their own drawbacks, consumers have began opting for them based on their attractive spec sheets.

Realme so far focused majorly on online sales, which was in consonance with its youth-centric marketing. Now, to bank on its growing popularity, Realme is set to expand into India’s offline market by setting up exclusive retail stores in the second half of 2019. The OEM also plans to expand its accessories lineup.

In the second half of the year, we would open exclusive stores in India where prospective buyers can get a hands-on experience of the entire portfolio of Realme devices that would include accessories as well as smartphones.

Madhav Sheth, CEO, Realme India

Realme is collaborating with 20,000 multi-brand retail outlets across 150 cities in the country, aiming to extend its sales channels to offline customers in every region of India. This is also an expansion in their offline strategy, which was previously limited to Reliance stores as an exclusive offline sales partner. Realme smartphones were already being sold in 130+ cities at 1300+ Reliance Digital and My Jio stores.


Realme also plans to refresh its smartphone series in the country with new additions, and plans to double its production capacity in India. The Chinese company has a manufacturing and assembling facility in Greater Noida, and a R&D base in Hyderabad and another one in China. With the addition of another facility in Greater Noida adjacent to the current unit, Realme plans to double its current production of 60-80 Million smartphones per year.

Realme’s aggressive branding strategy and value-oriented products are on their way to give Xiaomi a run for its money in its own game. While Realme still has a lot of catching up to do in areas like user experience, quality control and post-sales service, its existence in the Indian market helps keep the budget and early-mid range segment competitive in the greater interest of the end consumer.

Story Via: NDTV Gadgets

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