Realme will open experience stores and over 100 more service centers in India

Realme will open experience stores and over 100 more service centers in India

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Realme, as a brand, has grown spectacularly in recent times. What used to be a sub-brand of Oppo is now a wholly separate entity functioning as a sister company to Oppo and other companies under BBK Electronics. But perhaps the most interesting thing about Realme is how they’ve grown so much in such a short period. Since May of 2018 with the launch of the Realme 1, the brand has managed to crown itself as one of the top 10 smartphone makers in the world, even managing to seize 14.3% of the Indian market, which is a feat for having been in the smartphone marketplace for less than 2 years. They’re a complete hit and they have devices across different budget ranges. Ever since the Realme brand was launched, though, they’ve had a mostly India-centric strategy, which, being a rapidly emerging market, has greatly helped them gain ground quickly.

Their commitment to the Indian market is still in full steam, as the company’s CEO, Madhav Sheth, has announced that they will be greatly expanding their physical presence and scope with new stores and venues, which they are looking to open very soon. Additionally, the company is planning to open over 100 more service centers across the country, improving upon the current 345 service centers in India. This should make it easier to have your phone fixed up should you face any issue, as you’ll have new service centers closer to you.

Realme had their beginnings as an online-only brand, so seeing them further expand their offline scope is pretty significant, especially for people who aren’t really accustomed to buying things online and prefer the classic way of walking in and buying their phones. As Realme keeps growing, and especially at the pace they’re growing, we’re also going to see the company’s offline presence magnify even more and more.

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