[Update 2: Realme XT Launch Date] Realme teases a quad camera smartphone with 64MP primary sensor

[Update 2: Realme XT Launch Date] Realme teases a quad camera smartphone with 64MP primary sensor

Update 2 (8/20/2019 @ 2:45 PM ET): The launch date for the Realme XT has been hinted at by the company’s CEO.

Update 1 (8/02/2019 @ 6:45 AM ET): Realme has confirmed that it will unveil the new 64MP quad camera technology on August 8, 2019. Original article from June 25, 2019 follows as below.

Realme has captured a major part of the market of budget and mid-range smartphones like the Realme 3 Pro, also biting into Xiaomi’s user base. It has been moving vigorously to grab a big chunk of the affordable premium segment with smartphones like the Realme X, which was launched with a pop-up selfie camera, triple rear cameras with a 48MP primary sensor, AMOLED display in China last month. Now, Realme has teased its next smartphone which will feature quad rear cameras with a 64MP primary sensor and arrive later this year.


The teased Realme smartphone will be equipped with a Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor. This a 1/1.72″ sensor with a pixel size of 0.8μm. With Samsung’s Tetracell technology, which implies 4-in-1 pixel binning, the sensor captures output pictures at 16MP with a pixel size of 1.6μm. Compared to the Samsung GM1 or the Sony IMX586, both of which are 1/2″ 48MP sensor, this 64MP sensor is larger and should, therefore, capture more light.

On top of that, pixel binning should increase the amount of exposure further. Realme is also boasting about its AI for scene recognition and clicking life-like images. Meanwhile, the configurations of other sensors in the setup have not been revealed yet.

While Samsung and Xiaomi are also reportedly working on smartphones equipped with the 64MP Samsung GW1 sensor, we have witnessed the first camera sample of the sensor courtesy of Madhav Sheth, CEO, and Xu Qi Chase, the CMO of Realme. The watermark on the camera sample does not reveal the name of the smartphone and while there have been certain rumors, we would keep our hand off of them.

Sheth also shared more samples of the 64MP sensor, comparing it with the 48MP camera on the Redmi K20 Pro (that’s kind of conspicuous even though Realme has tried to blur the watermark). The images taken with Realme smartphone (believing they’re not doctored for the sake of marketing) have higher clarity, even when zoomed in, and compared to the ones clicked the 48MP camera on the Redmi device. Interestingly, Realme did not use its own Realme X which comes with the exact same sensor.

Realme is saying that the smartphone is expected to release in the second half of the year. Since that’s a six-months-long window, we’d dare not assume when to actually expect its released. The participation of CMO Chase warrants that the device should launch in China before it arrives in other markets including India, later on in the year. In the meantime, Realme is getting ready to launch the Realme X in India very soon, so that should keep the Indian audience occupied for a while.

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Update 1: Realme to unveil its 64MP quad camera technology on August 8, 2019

Realme has announced on its official Twitter handle that it will unveil the new 64MP quad camera smartphone technology on August 8, 2019 at an event in New Delhi, India. What remains to be seen if they would be launching a new smartphone, or simply detailing the setup that we could see on a future smartphone.

As far as the setup is concerned, the primary camera is expected to be a 64MP sensor, of course. For the other three sensors, we can expect to have at least one wide-angle camera, while the other two could be a telephoto sensor and a dedicated depth sensor. We would be really surprised if the company includes an optical zoom setup or a ToF sensor, seeing how Realme has placed itself in the early segments on the market. We’ll find out more on the launch date.

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Update 2: Realme XT Launch Date

Realme CEO Madhav Sheth was recently speaking at an event for the Realme 5 series and he hinted at a launch date for the Realme XT. He said, “All I can say right now about this phone is Quad me up when the September ends.” This is a nod to the quad cameras that will feature a 64MP sensor, which we saw in our hands-on with the prototype. We should expect to see the Realme XT sometime around the end of September/early October.

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