Unofficial TWRP and LineageOS 16 now available for the Realme X

Unofficial TWRP and LineageOS 16 now available for the Realme X

Realme has been climbing the ladders of popularity in the Indian market, riding upon the value proposition offered by its aggressively priced smartphones. Thanks to the recent sales on Flipkart, the company managed to achieve 2.2 Million in smartphone sales, which is a good number for a brand that is just over a year old. Devices like the Realme 5 Pro, the Realme X, and the Realme XT are seeing massive interest from price-conscious customers in India, so we only hope the growth trajectory continues upwards in the future. If you are looking to pick up a Realme X for yourself in this sale season, you would be glad to know that unofficial builds of TWRP and LineageOS 16 are now available for the Realme X.


Realme recently collaborated with us here at XDA-Developers for a developer program for the Realme X. Devices have already reached the hands of most devs selected within that program, and Realme has promised to ensure that it reaches the rest too as soon as possible. Thanks to the program, skilled developers have had the opportunity to experiment and test things out on their devices, and we are now seeing the program bear its initial fruits.

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If you have received a shiny new Realme X in your hands, you can head on over and unlock the bootloader of the phone. Once you have unlocked the bootloader of the device, you can install a custom recovery on the device. There are a few options available in our development forums, like this build of unofficial TWRP by XDA Senior Member mauronofrio. Once you have a custom recovery installed, you can try out custom ROMs starting with this unofficial LineageOS 16 by XDA Senior Member SagarMakhar. The ROM has permissive SELinux and the fingerprint sensor may not work properly, but it is still a useable build.

Unofficial LineageOS 16 for the Realme X — XDA Thread

We expect to see more development work on the Realme X, including a bump up to LineageOS 17 and official inclusion within the TWRP and the LineageOS projects, soon. For now, the doors have opened for users to try something outside of Realme’s ColorOS.

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