Realme announces long term beta and Android 11 Early Access for the Realme X2 Pro

Realme announces long term beta and Android 11 Early Access for the Realme X2 Pro

According to Google, the first beta of Android 11 should be available on June 3rd, 2020. The Mountain View giant had to delay the release due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and consequently published yet another Developer Preview version to fill the void. While the Developer Preview builds are meant for the Pixel lineup, Realme has now announced that the owners of the Realme X2 Pro will soon get “Early Access” to Android 11.

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For your information, this is not the first time a Realme phone gets whitelisted for receiving work-in-progress build of an upcoming Android version. The OEM has labelled the year-long program as “Long-term Beta”, and they are planning to perform some kind of closed beta testing of freshly baked Realme UI features during this time period. The second phase is more interesting, as it will introduce Android 11 in its beta form to the Realme X2 Pro. We are, however, not sure whether Realme is going to seamlessly replace the underlying layer of Realme UI with Android 11 or publish an AOSP-based beta instead.


The enrollment process is quite simple: users who posted at least one post on Realme’s official community need to fill this Google Form before May 18th. The selected beta testers will be announced on May 22nd. The company will allow only 100 applicants for the initial wave, though. For those wanting to restore the stable version of Realme UI based on Android 10, a special rollback build should be available soon.

Realme recently published the Android 10 kernel source code for the Realme X2 Pro. The custom development scene for their first true flagship is flourishing as well. Hopefully the long term beta will play a vital role shaping Realme’s custom skin and prepare it to adopt the changes coming with the next big update of Android.

Source: Realme Community

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