Reasons to Use a VPN on Your Phone

Reasons to Use a VPN on Your Phone

In the modern world, more and more places are occupied by the mobile phones and Internet. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine yourself without a specific application or site. However, many of them are blocked for several reasons. Yesterday everything worked, and this morning you are already greeted with a message about the prohibition of access.

If you ever tried to figure out how to bypass the blocking, you probably came across an unfamiliar VPN abbreviation. It’s time to figure out what this technology is, how it works, and then it is worth using to find the best VPN service.


Principles of work

VPN is a technology for encrypting all user data. Figuratively speaking, when using it, users get a lining between them and the Internet as a server in another part of the globe. Many technical terms will be needed to explain the essence of the methodology in detail, but this is not necessary. Using technology is necessary quite often:

When you connect to the Internet from your smartphone or PC, it communicates with the network and tells everything about you. Therefore, other people can see from which country you are from, from which device you go online, and what you are doing on the Internet. And if a website is somehow banned in your country, you will not be able to use it.

When you connect to the VPN server, all further communication with the network already happens from the server’s name and according to the laws of the country in which it is located.

For example, your country banned a popular site for watching TV shows. But it is not prohibited in the neighboring country. In this case, A VPN will come to the rescue: the network will assume that you live in another country where you can watch TV shows. According to, by using a VPN, your IP address is hidden and you connect anonymously. This eliminates the possibility of obtaining your data.

Free apps in the Play Market and App Store

You need to download a special application to connect to a VPN server via a smartphone. There are a great many of them in the catalogs of the Play Market and the App Store, including free ones. Although such applications do not guarantee 100% data security, they can be used to bypass the blocking of your favorite sites.

● ExpressVPN

It offers both paid and free use possibility. The paid version can be used free of charge in a test mode for seven days. This will help to evaluate all the features of the VPN service. By the way, the name of its program is fully justified: it has a fast speed, and access to all blocked resources appears.

● Turbo VPN

It is another Android program with an intriguing title. It promises both high speed and free use. However, the rate is not the highest, but if you are not going to download a lot of information, you will not notice it.

● Orbot

It is an excellent VPN service that can encrypt all your data as well as data for individual applications. It uses TOR-networks, which attracts different users of illegal content.

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