ZTE Employee Hints at Unlocked Bootloader on Axon 7

ZTE Employee Hints at Unlocked Bootloader on Axon 7

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One important aspect of how many users decide to buy a phone is whether or not they can root it or flash ROMs. Many users, myself included, hold the ability to root in high regards, and almost find no interest in phones if they are not able to be rooted. 

A recent phone making buzz is the ZTE Axon 7. The Axon 7 has turned many heads given its beefy specs and attractive price. As some users on ZTE’s official forums have pointed out, they value having an unlocked bootloader to develop, and the discussion was noticed by the company.

In that same comments section, ZTE employee sshasan left a reply hinting at the future availability of an unlockable bootloader on the Axon 7.


Does this mean that ZTE will officially unlock the bootloaders of the Axon 7? Only time will tell, but that’s a pretty obvious hit if I’ve ever seen it. Keep a close eye on our own ZTE Axon 7 Forums for further developments.