Recent MotoMod Leak Gives Us a Look Into the Future of Modular Phones

Recent MotoMod Leak Gives Us a Look Into the Future of Modular Phones

It appears modularity is in this season, folks. When the Phonebloks concept was released a few years ago, it made a tremendous impact about how we look at phones and their upgrade process.

Not long after, Google and Motorola took over the Phonebloks idea and announced Project Ara, their take on a modular smartphone. After the initial steam subsided, the market seemed to flat line. Very little news came from the project, and many considered the idea of a modular phone all but lost.

Cue 2016, and LG. With the release of the LG G5 and the unveiling of its modular port, talks of modularity were all the rage again. However, the phone was launched with a very limited module set on release, and ultimately was overshadowed by the non-modular competing flagships. Jump toGoogle I/O 2016, and the announcement of a future release of a consumer ready Project Ara. Modularity has become the hot topic once again, and it seems Motorola is next in line to take a bite off the modularity pie.

Now fast-foward to Evan Blass. Notorious Twitter leaking artist @evleaks has recently treated the Internet with two looks at the future of both Motorola and the concept of modular smartphones. The first leak is off three different color variations of possible future Droid phones. These models look eerily similar to the leaks of a redesign of Moto phones from earlier this year, which came with much criticism.

Moto Z

The next leak gives us a look at what Evan refers to as “MotoMods”. These appear as what some have speculated to be Motorola’s modular attachments to the new Droid and Moto Z lineups. They appear as full back plates, as opposed to the chin clips on the LG G5. It is speculated that the attachments will connect magnetically, or through pin ports as seen on the Droid phone leak. The modules look more robust, offering a full on extra camera, and two other backs could be an expanded battery and textured grip with a kickstand.


Will these potential Moto phones/add-ons finally bring modular phones into the mainstream spotlight? Or are they doomed to be overshadowed by the non-modular competition just like the G5? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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