Announcing New Perks for Recognized Developers – Excel and Become One!

Announcing New Perks for Recognized Developers – Excel and Become One!

XDA was founded by developers for developers. To give our valuable contributors some form of recognition, we had decided to create a special title: those who work on custom ROMs, kernels, mods or applications can become Recognized Developers or Senior Recognized Developers. It’s a huge group of users, as right now over 700 of them are Recognized.

In the past few years, Android and other operating system underwent many changes. Back in the old days, creating a custom ROM required a specific set of near-esoteric skills. There were no guides or commits ready to cherry-pick. Things have changed drastically, and building a ROM is not that difficult if you know the basics and what to look for, and there are a plethora of guides floating around the Internet and within our forums that make learning much easier.  Nevertheless, we would like to bring back some well-deserved glory to the Recognized Developer program.

For some of you, RD is just a title. While this is kind of true at the moment, there are a lot of perks coming with it:

  • Increased private message quota
  • Increased maximum signature size
  • Increased attachment quota
  • Ability to open/close your own threads
  • Ability to delete tags on your threads
  • Ad-free  template (it’s MUCH faster)
  • Access to the Recognized Developer Private Chat which provides:
    • Share work-in-progress projects with fellow developers
    • Communicate with fellow developers
    • Communicate with members of the moderator and admin teams
  • Free premium file hosting services
  • Access to the XDA Build Server
  • A special feature that will be available soon that will give RDs more control over their threads 🙂

Getting a Recognized Developer title isn’t easy. The Developer Committee is trying to find only the best candidates and give the title only to those users who truly deserve it. If you have any questions regarding the program, feel free to send us a message. Developer Committee members are Senior Moderators. They will be reviewing the applications, and they will apply disciplinary actions on developers that breach the forum rules and Recognized Developer Code of Conduct.

Plans, plans

We want a “Recognized Developer” to earn his or her title, it’s a reward for their hard work. If someone isn’t an active developer but holds the title, it can devalue that of others. To make sure the Recognized Developer title holds its meaning, unfortunately, we need to retire some of inactive developers. We are commencing a re-review process of current developers to find those who decided to quit our forum or focus on other things. We expect to finish the process in approximately one month. After this, we are hoping to expand the Senior Recognized Developer group. SRDs are the most skilled and experienced developers of our site. It’s really hard to get the title, as developers vote to nominate their colleagues to be promoted. We will, of course, inform you about the changes using the XDA Portal.

Sounds good. Sign me up!

If you believe that you should be recognized, feel free to apply using our application form. Before applying, take a moment to read the minimum requirements. Applicants that don’t meet the requirements will be denied and blocked from applying for 6 months. A candidate is expected to know how to code, follow licensing rules and guidelines, and maintain the threads actively. It’s also highly recommended to keep the OP of your thread clean and informative. Providing detailed changelogs is a good practice and keeps the thread free from pointless questions or spam.

Join our group, don’t be shy! We have cookies. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Developer Committee members or post your comments in the section below.

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