Recognized Developer Code of Conduct

As an XDA Developers member with special standing as part of our developer program, we obviously have some expectations of your conduct. We try to be friendly here, and while we understand that not everyone is going to get along, we would ask that you try to avoid getting into big arguments in threads. If you have an issue with another forum member, take it up with them politely in a private message. It’s the mature way to deal with things.

As a titled member on XDA, you are a representative of XDA’s ethos – “by developers, for developers.” As such your activity offsite in other public venues should be in the same vein. Any negative, derogatory, abusive talk or actions may be taken into account as to your status as a titled member. This would include any behavior which violates our site rules. This does not change your responsibility to be subject to the requirements for acceptance into the Recognized Developer program, both in their current and future states.

While all users should follow the site rules, we would ask that you take a quick look at them again, as they are occasionally updated. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any moderator.

In addition to the rules, we would highlight the importance of acknowledging the work of others. It’s not nice to see your work get ripped off—whether it’s a ROM, part of a ROM, an app, a theme, images, guide text, etc. If you’re familiar with the regulations in academic institutions, you should know the score. Just seek permission and acknowledge those whose work you use, and generally be reasonable about things.

We would also ask that if you have a dispute, you first try to resolve it in a reasonable and private way, such as through private message. It is in no one’s interest to see your dirty laundry aired in public, and it looks much better for you to avoid conflicts on the site.

Senior Recognized Developers of XDA, in additional to the above, are expected to be active on XDA regularly. While we all go away for vacation, exams, and other everyday life events; we would ask that if a Senior Recognized Developer intends to take a significant break from development, he or she stand down temporarily. You’re more than welcome back if and when you return, and we’d love to have you back, if a space becomes available. The reason for requesting this level of activity is because as a Senior Recognized Developer, you will be able to vote on the appointment of other Senior Recognized Developers in the future. If many Senior Developers disappeared, it would be troublesome gathering a sensible turnout. In addition, from time to time we will invite discussions on matters pertaining to the site, and it’s only fair that we try to ensure that the people most familiar with development and XDA have a chance at helping out.


Updated 8 Apr 2017: Responsibility of RDs on- and off-site
Updated 2 Jan 2015: Change of title from “Elite Recognized Developer” to “Senior Recognized Developer”