Recordr: The Advanced Sound Recorder App

Recordr: The Advanced Sound Recorder App

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hen it comes to sound recording, AOSP does not provide a very easy way to create standalone audio recordings. Although AOSP does provide a reference API Guide for integrating audio capture into applications, it does not provide a quick way for the general public to utilize their phone’s hardware to record sound, out-of-the-box, like how image capturing and video recording are built in.

Of course, Android being Android, you can change this situation around by downloading any of the various sound recording apps present on the Google Play Store. A lot of these apps provide a simple interface with minimal settings options and customizability: a combination that just about suits the needs of the normal user looking to create a casual recording once in a while.


But what if you desire more? What if you are looking for an application for a more serious and frequent level of audio recording?

This is where XDA Senior Member leducbao‘s app, Recordr, shines through. Whether you are a student looking to record your lectures on a daily basis, or whether you are looking to get that interview recorded, Recordr will help you get the job done in a manner that is best suited for your use case.

Recordr combines a beautiful app interface with a high level of customizability, giving you the best of both form and functionality. It allows you to record long sessions of audio without any time limits, supports multiple output formats, ability to use and create recording profiles and gives you an option to choose from a range of application themes.

The developer also claims that the app is the first recorder to produce audio in .aac (Advanced Audio Coding) format, which saves up to 90% in file size when compared to raw data recording.

Other notable features of the app include:Image 013

  • Gain factor: control sound louder or softer
  • Skip silence: control decibel level to skip sound recorded
  • Noise filtration
  • Echo Removal
  • Supported formats: wav, aac, 3gpp, amr, mp3, mp4
  • Sample rate: 48kHz, 44kHz, 16kHz, 8kHz
  • Channel: Stereo, Mono
  • Hide recordings from music players
  • Homescreen widgets: 1×1, 2×1, 2×2
  • Auto-upload to Google Drive

By my testing of the app, I was hard pressed to find any flaws in the execution of its functionality. The app did what it says, providing a user-friendly interface to record audio, and a way to dig deeper into the settings if one so desired. I confess that the finer settings of the app were lost on me as I do not possess the expertise of utilizing and appreciating audio in recorded format as a sound professional. Sound that I recorded played back as I expected and hoped, with noise filtration a bit of hit and miss for me. However, some of this can be attributed to my recording and playback equipment, my OnePlus One in this case. Your mileage with the recordings may vary based on the hardware you possess, as well as other external variables like distance to the source, intensity of background noise etc.

As an app, Recordr offers all that you could hope for. The app is available to XDA users for free, and contains no IAP’s or locked segments. You can download the app from the forum thread, or from the Play Store.

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