The Red Magic 5G Eclipse Black model with 12GB of RAM is now available globally

The Red Magic 5G Eclipse Black model with 12GB of RAM is now available globally

The Red Magic 5G is a phone with a high value-for-money quotient. It raises the standard for a gaming smartphone even higher with features like a Snapdragon 865 processor, a 144Hz display, shoulder triggers for gaming, active airflow ventilation thanks to a built-in fan, and more. We recently reviewed this device and walked out pretty impressed. And the specs are absolutely overkill for most consumer-centric use cases. The phone comes with either 8 GB of RAM or a whopping 16 GB of RAM, which creeps up the price quite a bit for an amount of RAM you probably won’t realistically need. If you want to go overkill but not so much, though, the phone is now available in a 12 GB RAM Eclipse Black option.


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12GB of RAM is also becoming increasingly common, but it’s still overkill, according to some people. OnePlus devices have been coming with this amount of RAM since last year with the OnePlus 7 Pro, and since then, other manufacturers have started doing it as well. These enormous amounts of RAM make sense for gaming phones as games are resource-heavy and the phone must be equipped to handle everything you throw at it, and huge amounts of RAM will let you have multiple apps and games sitting in the background without being killed to free up resources for the active app or game in the foreground. If you think 16 GB is way too much, or it’s a bit out of your budget, yet you still want more than 8 GB of RAM, then this new middle 12 GB RAM option will serve you well.

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And what’s more: this Red Magic 5G version is $599, which is just $20 more than the 8 GB RAM version, so this is a no-brainer upgrade for those looking at the lower-end option. This 12 GB RAM version does, however, only have 128 GB of internal storage, which may seem plenty for some, but others may find inadequate. This is the same amount of storage that comes with the 8 GB RAM version. And no, this doesn’t have a microSD card slot: what you see is what you get. Want more? You’ll have to fork up some extra dough for the 16 GB RAM model, which comes with more storage at 256 GB.

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