RED’s First Smartphone has a Holographic Display and Support for Camera Modules

RED’s First Smartphone has a Holographic Display and Support for Camera Modules

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If you spend a lot of time watching the likes of MKBHD and Dave2D, you’re probably quite familiar with RED – the company that makes cameras that record in 8K and cost and easy $50,000. RED’s first prototype camera was crafted in early 2006, and right now in July of 2017, the company has just announced its first ever Android smartphone.

The phone is called the RED Hydrogen, and although we don’t know a whole lot about it quite yet, the things that we do have an understanding of are quite interesting to say the least. One of the highlight features here is the phone’s 5.7-inch screen, and although we don’t know the exact resolution quite yet, we do know that RED is marketing it as a, “professional hydrogen holographic display.” RED claims that the display on the Hydrogen can let you view 3D, VR, AR, MR, and holographic RED Hydrogen 4-View (H4V) content without the need for any sort of headset or other peripherals. We don’t have any idea how this setup will work, but it’ll be extremely fascinating to see if RED can actually pull this off or if its nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

Accompanying the holographic display is RED’s H30 algorithm that will be able to take regular stereo sound and convert it into, “multi-dimensional audio.” RED describes this algorithm as 5.1 surround sound for listening to music on the Hydrogen with your headphones, and it’s supposed to work in tandem with H4V content on the display.

In addition to the new display and audio tech, RED is also crafting the Hydrogen to work with modular components that will add extra functionality to the phone. RED has confirmed that future mods will allow the Hydrogen to capture higher quality pictures, videos, and H4V content, and there’s currently no word as to whether or not all future mods will be focused on camera-centric features.

Other features for the Hydrogen include the ability to use it as a monitor and interface for other RED cameras, a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack (thankfully), USB Type-C, and a microSD card slot for expanding the internal storage. All of this makes the Hydrogen an ambitious project, and if it wasn’t for the company’s outstanding reputation in actual cameras, we’d be a whole lot more skeptical about such release.

You can purchase the RED Hydrogen right now with either an aluminum or titanium build for $1195 and $1595 respectively, and it’s expected to ship in Q1 of 2018. Of course, that’s quite a risky purchase given there’s not much known about the device at the moment.

Source: RED