Reddish Tint on Some Galaxy S8 Units “Not a Controversial Issue,” Will be Fixed in Next Software Update

Reddish Tint on Some Galaxy S8 Units “Not a Controversial Issue,” Will be Fixed in Next Software Update

Early reports indicate that Samsung’s new flagship devices are off to a pretty great start, with the lineup breaking the previous pre-orders records set by the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. However, not all things are bright and beautiful: the Galaxy S8 and S8+ have attracted a quite a bit of criticism for its red-tinted display on some units.

The issue of reddish display first came to know when the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ went on sale in South Korea, with many owners posting images of red-tinted display of their Galaxy S8 units on social media sites. It was believed the culprit had to do with Samsung’s attempt to strengthen red color on their OLED panels. Samsung reportedly developed deep red OLED displays for Galaxy S8 devices in order to avoid the issue of too much green due to the uneven distribution of subpixels in a pentile matrix. Initially, Samsung denied such issue was due to a hardware fault and advised users to adjust the color balance on their devices from within the display settings. But as more consumers raised their voices on the issue, Samsung announced on Thursday that a new software update would be rolled out next week to readjust the color balance on affected units.

Now according to a new report from the US-based review publication, Consumer Reports, the problem of the reddish display on the Galaxy S8 is not something that one should worry about.

To check the veracity of the reddish tint issue, Consumer Reports tested eight Galaxy S8 devices and found that out of eight devices, four Galaxy S8 had slightly reddish tint. The publication also notes that the issue is not immediately noticeable unless the user is comparing the two devices side-by-side.

“Our display evaluators noted that displays of four of our test models appeared slightly more red than the other four. It’s unclear how much consumers might object to the red tint, especially if they weren’t looking at two phones side-by-side.”

Additionally, Consumer Reports also said Samsung would release the software update as early as next week to address the color balance problem.

So while the issue is still there in some units, the good news is that it’s just a result of a software calibration problem, or at least it can reportedly be addressed through software, and should be fixed with the upcoming software update.

Source: BusinessKorea

What do you think? Is Samsung underplaying the significance of the displays’ red tint, or is it really not a real issue? Sound off in the comments!

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