Official Reddit Android beta app adds AMOLED night mode, improved bottom navigation bar, and more

Official Reddit Android beta app adds AMOLED night mode, improved bottom navigation bar, and more

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Despite the abundance of third-party clients on the Google Play Store, Reddit themselves push forward their own application as the better option. The first party client first launched on Android in 2016. Compared to other third-party offerings like Reddit is Fun, Sync, Relay, and Slide, the official Reddit app was actually pretty barebones. Even nowadays, it’s not the best option out there for those looking for a simple, easy to browse Reddit experience. Still, the developer team is listening to user feedback and adding useful features to the app. The latest Beta update adds a bunch of long-requested changes along with the useful stability improvements.

The latest Beta update for the Reddit app adds an AMOLED night mode toggle in Settings. This switches over the existing dark grey night mode to a pitch black, AMOLED-compliant UI. Being mainly black, it will also save battery if your device has an OLED display, and it can be automatically switched on and off at certain hours. It also brings a couple of clear themes called Pony and Trees, which just like Mint and Alien Blue, feature white as the main backdrop. The app also features a redesigned bottom bar as well as major and minor UI changes and improvements, which include a new account drawer for switching between accounts faster.

The new themes included within the update.

Otherwise, the update brings the usual dose of under-the-hood fixes and improvements, as well as crash fixes, as it’s to be expected. The app is currently shaping up to be just as good, if not better, than the third-party alternatives. While it may not be there just yet, it’s definitely going that way. The beta channel for the Reddit Android application is currently not accepting new users and applicants, so if you’re interested in testing it out, you can download the APK from the button right below and install it on your device.

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