Reddit introduces a Discover tab for finding new communities

Reddit introduces a Discover tab for finding new communities

Social media services are always looking for new ways to make users spend more time on their respective platforms. After all, the longer people scroll through content, the more revenue these companies make. You’ve probably heard of Reddit’s rabbit holes — you check one random post a friend has linked you to, and the next thing you know it’s 4AM and you’re reading about male seahorses giving birth (who knew?). Well, to make its rabbit holes even deeper, the company is launching a new feature for when you’re really bored on the platform and can’t find content that scratches that particular itch. Reddit is introducing a Discover tab for finding new subreddits — based on your usage habits and patterns.


Reddit Discover Tab

The company announced earlier in a blog post that it’s rolling out the new Discover tab — which it had been beta testing for a while. It surfaces new subreddits that the algorithm believes you might be interested in, depending on your previous activities on Reddit. The concept is pretty familiar, as services like Instagram and Pinterest already offer infinite feeds of personalized content. Discover lives in the bottom navigation bar of the mobile app — replacing the old Communities tab. To access the subreddits you’ve joined, you now have to click the top left corner of the Home page — where you’d usually access your profile. And lastly, you can now access your profile through clicking the top right corner.

These changes — like all changes — will be loved by some users and criticized by others. If you’re not interested in the Discover tab, you can simply avoid clicking on it. The rest of the app’s functionalities remain pretty much the same. Ultimately, the company has slowly been shifting from being an anonymous corner on the internet to a more open social media platform. So this change doesn’t really surprise us, and we can expect further changes down the road.

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