Reddit introduces new features to help users connect in real time

Reddit introduces new features to help users connect in real time

Reddit is continuously evolving and receiving new features that make the platform more social and modern. Earlier this year, the company introduced Clubhouse-like audio rooms. The company has also been encouraging users to set a profile photo or an avatar. That’s by making user thumbnails visible in the comments section. What once used to be a network focused on anonymity is slowly turning into a more open platform. And today’s transparency updates only contribute to that. Reddit is rolling out new features to make the platform more engaging and lively.

In a blog post, the company announced today that it’s introducing new features to make Reddit look and feel more Lively and in-the-moment. These changes are voting and comment count animations, typing and reading indicators, and a new comment pill. Users on iOS, Android, and the web will be able to take advantage of them starting today.


Voting and Comment Count Animations

Votes on Reddit are no longer static numbers. They now change in real time with newly-introduced animations to reflect that. This change affects both posts and comments, so voting is now clearer and more accurate.

Typing and Reading Indicators

When two or more Reddit users are typing a comment on a post, an indicator reflects that now. However, it uses randomized avatars, rather than the actual ones of the commenters. This change aims to show readers that comments are being typed by a certain number of people, rather than actually revealing the identities of those who are typing. Similarly, when five or more users are reading a post, an indicator will reflect that number through anonymous avatars.

New Comment Pill

new comment pill reddit

This new pill is a floating indicator in the comments section. It’ll highlight when new comments are added to the post you’re reading. When you click the pill, comments will be sorted by new, and newly posted ones will be highlighted in real time. This makes keeping up with a live discussion easier.

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