Reddit now supports searching for specific comments on its platform

Reddit now supports searching for specific comments on its platform

Reddit has been around for over a decade. It’s a mostly-anonymous space that users seek for all sorts of different discussions. Whether you want to confess your darkest secret, share shots of your doggo, or catch up with the latest world catastrophes — there’s a Subreddit for that. Notably, though, the platform lacked an option to search for comments. Users could search for posts, profiles, etc. — just not comments. Fortunately for all Redditors, that has changed now. The company has announced that users can now search through comments, making everything on Reddit searchable.


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In a blog post, Reddit announced today that it’s expanding its search functionality to include comments. Prior to this change, the feature was restricted to posts, users, and Subreddits only. According to surveys and limited beta tests done with users, Reddit believes that this feature will make many of its users happy. It states:

Last year, we surveyed users asking what they wanted to see most out of search, and one of the top results was comment search. In our limited initial testing, we saw that more than 26,000 redditors used comment search to scan through over five billion comments.

In addition to comment searching, Reddit has also simplified the search user interface (UI). It now prioritizes posts over other searchable content, and it’s aiming at reducing the number of unexpected results. The company is also enhancing the backend of the search functionality. This will allow less restrictive matching and scan user patterns and signals to surface more relevant results.

According to Reddit, the new comment searching feature is live on the desktop web client. There’s no mention in their announcement as to when mobile users will get to utilize it on the iOS and Android clients.

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