Reddit Talk is a new Clubhouse-like audio chat feature for subreddits

Reddit Talk is a new Clubhouse-like audio chat feature for subreddits

Reddit has announced Reddit Talk, a new audio chat feature that’s is similar to Clubhouse. The feature is currently available as a sneak preview, and only a community’s moderators can start a chat. You can sign up to join the waitlist right here.

Once a community’s moderator begins a Reddit Talk, any redditor can join the room to listen and react with emojis. Anyone who is listening in can also raise their hand, and the moderator can invite them to speak. Moderators will be able to invite, mute, and remove speakers during a talk and also remove unwanted users from the talk entirely and prevent them from rejoining. In the future, mods will also be able to bring on community members as co-hosts.


Reddit Talk moderation tools

Image: Reddit

Based on the images provided by Reddit, Reddit Talk looks a lot like Clubhouse and the many other audio services we’ve seen pop up over the past few months. Discord is the most recent company to clone Clubhouse.

“We’re testing ways for hosts to customize the look and feel of Reddit Talk through emojis and background colors,” Reddit said. “Redditors can change their avatar’s appearance to fit the talk as well. We’re also exploring features to support AMAs and other types of conversations.”

While only moderators can start a chat, Reddit Talk is available to all subreddits that want to use it. The company is hoping to see people start conversations for Q&As, AMAs, lectures, sport-radio-style discussions, community feedback sessions, and more.

“After these early tests, we’ll work with moderators to let other trusted community members host talks as well,” Reddit said.

As one of the largest places for people to talk about everything from movies to video games to stocks, Reddit seems like the perfect place to launch an audio chat feature, especially for celebrity AMAs.

Reddit Talk is available now as a sneak preview on Android and iOS.

Developer: reddit Inc.
Price: Free

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