Reddit reveals new features for its Clubhouse clone, Reddit Talk

Reddit reveals new features for its Clubhouse clone, Reddit Talk

The social audio app Clubhouse rose to fame in late 2020 and early 2021, and before long, nearly every other messaging and social media service implemented their own version of Clubhouse’s audio rooms. Reddit released its take on the idea last year, called ‘Reddit Talk,’ and now more improvements are rolling out.

Reddit highlighted some of the improvements in a blog post (via The Verge), saying “today we’re rolling out a number of new features for Reddit Talk, including: a recording function so community members can listen to Reddit Talks after they’ve happened, bringing the Reddit Talk experience to web users, the ability to interact with text and emojis during Talks, and a live bar experiment on the top of the feed that shows when live Reddit Talks are happening.”

Reddit Talks on desktop

Reddit Talks on desktop (Source: Reddit)

Much like Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and most other implementations of this idea, availability started with mobile devices and has been slowly expanding to desktop. Now that people on the desktop version of Reddit can listen and speak in Talks, all that’s left is the ability to create new Talks, which is apparently “coming later this month.” Reddit is also taking inspiration from other Clubhouse clones, particularly Twitter, with a new bar at the top of the screen dedicated to Talks.

It remains to be seen if audio chat rooms will remain a commonly-used feature, or if they will slowly fade away in popularity like the original Clubhouse application. Instagram, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms have implemented public audio rooms to varying degrees of popularity.

Reddit is also in the process of reworking advertising on its platform, in an effort to boost profits ahead of a possible stock market listing. The company hired its first chief financial officer (CFO) last year, Drew Vollero, who previously helped Snap (the owner of Snapchat) go public in 2017.

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