Redmi Note 3 is Now the Best-selling Smartphone in India

Redmi Note 3 is Now the Best-selling Smartphone in India

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Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 3 (along with the Pro variant) has been an incredibly popular smartphone since it was released. A device that Aamir called the “King of the Lower End” back in April when he reviewed it. It’s never been the most developer-friendly smartphone that Xiaomi has sold thanks to its locked bootloader, but it still has a lot of developer support here in our forums. Xiaomi feels locking the bootloader of the device makes it safer for their customers and that’s a fair move for the company to make.

The path in which they did it though, as not been well received by the enthusiast community. Google sells their smartphones with a locked bootloader, but you just have to execute a simple fastboot command to unlock it. Xiaomi has made their customers go through an approval process before they can unlock it. Thankfully the community has come up with unofficial bootloader unlock methods, but it’s just not what Xiaomi customers have come to expect from the company.

This hasn’t stopped the Redmi Note 3 from becoming a success for Xiaomi though. The forum here at XDA has been very active, and more people are searching for it on Google than they ever did for the Nexus 6P (which isn’t quite surprising when considering target demographics). This week we learned just how successful the device has been for Xiaomi. While we still don’t have worldwide sales numbers, we did get some data on how many units they’ve sold in India.

When it comes to online sales, from launch up until September 2016, Xiaomi has sold over 2.3 million units just in India. To put this into perspective, they have sold one Redmi Note 3 every 7 seconds. And 1 out of every 9 smartphones that are shipped from an online sale in India has been a Redmi Note 3. This is quite an accomplishment for the company and it has made them an even more popular brand in the country.

Source: Xiaomi