Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 supports Camera2 API so Google Camera ports can now work without an unlocked bootloader

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 supports Camera2 API so Google Camera ports can now work without an unlocked bootloader

Google Camera ports have become very popular on our forums, as many see them as an easy way to dramatically improve picture quality on a wide range of devices. With the ported Google Camera app, you can use Google’s superior HDR+ optimization as well as their Portrait Mode on your non-Google device. However, Google Camera requires Camera2 API support to work, which makes this otherwise-easy fix require a few more steps in order to function properly.

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Most Xiaomi devices in the past have lacked Camera2 API support out-of-the-box. To enable the API, most Xiaomi devices require either root to modify their build.prop, or just an unlocked bootloader to run fastboot commands. Some recent devices like the POCO F1, the Xiaomi Mi 8, and the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S have Camera2 API support enabled by default by Xiaomi, which removes the need to unlock the bootloader, root the device or install any Magisk modules to use Google Camera. Once a Google Camera port is available, end users can simply install the app and enjoy the improvements in image quality.

Thankfully, it appears that newer Xiaomi devices that are being released with Android Pie have Camera2 API enabled by default, in order to comply with CTS requirements for Android Pie. This is the case with the newly released Redmi Note 7 by Xiaomi (device codename: lavender), as can be seen within the firmware of the device:


This means that Camera2 API is enabled by default on the Redmi Note 7. Once a suitable Google Camera port is made available through the hard work of an interested developer, users can simply install the app, fine tune the settings if needed, and enjoy the improvements.

While Xiaomi devices (and devices from the Redmi sub-brand, by extension) do not lose their warranty from a bootloader unlock, it still is a step that many would avoid taking on their device. Now, you don’t need to unlock the bootloader or root the Redmi Note 7 for this particular purpose.

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