Release 805 of Substratum Introduces Changes to the LogChar, Bug Fixes and More

Release 805 of Substratum Introduces Changes to the LogChar, Bug Fixes and More

The last big update that Substratum’s public release received was in June when it introduced Encrypted Assets, Sungstratum and a few other changes. That update was release 801 and today the team has just released version 805. This brand new update has been pushed to the Play Store already so you should see the update waiting for you the next time you check for new updates. There are a few standout changes with this update, along with some bug fixes as well.

The first change mentioned is a visual transition between the Floating Action Menu and the Snackbar exit transition. Nicholas Chum had noticed some visual bugs during this transition that appeared when the end user went faster than the app is prepared to handle when a snackbar is visible. With this change (and you can see a video of it below), it will now dynamically show visibility without disrupting the APIs which are involved.

In a previous update, some users had noticed their themes were showing up as “type2 variant…” instead of the default text. This is just a bug that was introduced in the old update and has now been fixed so unencrypted, encrypted and missing type2 default files will show their proper texts. The LogChar has been changed a bit as well so when there is an error during the compilation phase, a simple snackbar will appear instead of the big log box.

If the user wants, there will be an option in the snackbar that will let you open up the LogChar to read what went wrong. Not only this, but LogChars will now be saved by default to your local storage. You’ll be able to find this log file in the /storage/emulated/0/substratum/LogChar Reports/ directory. That’s it for the big changes included in this 805 release of Substratum, and you can find the full changelog down below.

Substratum 805 Release Changelog

Strings didn’t want to be cleaned up earlier
Public release 805
Full translation import
SettingsFragment: Allow the user to toggle automatic LogChar saving
ManageSpaceActivity: Allow the user to clear logs
Overlays: Autosave LogChar files; don’t show LogChar by default
InformationActivity: Revamp Fab Click to Lunchbar Dismiss Transition
ThemeAdapter: Do not allow theme to be uninstalled if system app
Overlays: Adapt to no-type2, type2 decrypt and type2 encrypt
Overlays: Nick said the fix needs a fix
Overlays: Fix default type2 name not showing

Source: +NicholasChumCDT

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