Relentless ROM Roaster Now Available

Relentless ROM Roaster Now Available

Making a ROM has never been easier than with android, but now this new application aims to simplify the process even more. This application gives you a very easy to use and attractive user interface while the function of making a custom ROM isn’t lessened.

Originally posted by redmdc

The Highly awaited Universal Android ROM Customiser is finally here!!
This software has been designed with every beginner in mind that wants to get involved that extra step and personalize there own ROM. This software has an easy to use Graphical Interface with numbered sections so you cannot go wrong. What can this offer you i hear you ask, It allows you to take any ROM and prepare it ready for customizing, allows you to add Social Apps, Music Apps, File Managers, Bluetooth Filesharing, Wifi Tethering, Java Runner, with extras including the Volume Hack, Advanced launcher and better terminal all of which you have a choice whether to put on the internal memory or apply to your Apps2sd partition, You can also Add and Remove any of the apps from all the partitions at any time. Next you can add the Hero Keyboard or a customized one of your own, custom Homescreens, a themed Hero Launcher or the launcher from the Nexus Or if you feel upto the challenge Create your own Custom home screen launcher. Another great unique feature is you can set the style of Font you want to use instead of the standard with options of a few bundled in fonts or you can download and use your own the choice is up to you. Bored of the standard Bootscreen, you can add the Nexus boot animation or you can add any custom one of your own. The software also will add compatibility for ROMS that are Dream only ROMS so they work on the HTC Magic/Mytouch, and vice versa, Add Apps2sd to ROMS without it, Add APN settings for your internet data Plans And runner up is adding SuperUser capabilities to any ROM and lastly is packaging all that goodness into a nice tidy zip file ready to Flash and Show Off. This is the start of what i see will be a huge project, if you ever have any ideas make sure you cast them over to me on

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