Relive Old Times with NES Emulator for WP7

Relive Old Times with NES Emulator for WP7

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If you are into emulators and old games, or if you are simply nostalgic and have a soft spot for 8 bit graphics, XDA member Tuska has posted a new NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) for the new and coming Windows Phone 7 platform. The emulator is in its initial stages but according to the dev, it should work with most roms. According to some reports by several members, the emulator works but rather slowly, so more than likely there is still work to be done. Yet, it should be fun to play with if you want to see how the original Contra looked like :).

Now, keep in mind that you must own the original game in order to have a rom (game), which translates into please don’t ask for roms in this forum as this is against forum rules. Any and all feedback is appreciated in order to make this app better.

I was planning to wait till I get actual device to try it but I still haven’t got one so what the hell, here is the nintendo emulator for windows phone 7.
No point trying to send it to the marketplace since other fellow coder tried it with no success (and poor emulator, sharpnes)

You can find more information in the emulator thread.

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