Remap the S Pen button on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with sideActions

Remap the S Pen button on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with sideActions

Android users love to stretch the functionality of every aspect of their phones. This is why the modding community is so active. People want complete control over their device. If there’s a button on a phone programmed to do something, we want it to do something else. The developer of the popular bxActions app is back with a similar tool for the Galaxy Note 10 and the S Pen.

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sideActions is an app that allows Galaxy Note 10 (and 10+) users to remap the power button on the S Pen. The developer says this is the first time the power button on the S Pen has ever been remapped. The power button can be mapped to any action or app you like. It can even be used to navigate the phone (map the button to the Back button).


Setting up sideActions is pretty easy. All you need to do is hook up the Galaxy Note 10 to a computer and run a simple ADB command. After that, it can be remapped to your heart’s content. Download the app for free from the Play Store below. Here’s a list of features and actions:


  • Double and long press supported!
  • Remap the Power Button / side key on Galaxy Note 10!
  • Remap the S Pen button!
  • Launch Google Assistant with the Power Button
  • Remap the Volume buttons!
  • Per app remapping
  • Turn on the flashlight with the Power Button
  • Disable the Power Button
  • Skip tracks with the volume buttons
  • High performance! No lags!
  • No annoying ads


  • Turn on flashlight
  • Take a screenshot
  • Mute phone
  • Answer phone calls
  • Launch Google Assistant
  • Launch camera or any other app
  • Switch to last app
  • Disable the Power Button
  • 35+ actions

If you have any feedback to offer, you can leave a comment on the support thread linked below.

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