Remap the power button on the Samsung Galaxy S20 with sideActions

Remap the power button on the Samsung Galaxy S20 with sideActions

Customization is a key feature that gives Android smartphones a leg up over their iOS counterparts. Android users love to customize the functionality of each aspect of their phones and the Play Store is chock full of apps that allow you to do just that. Earlier this week, we talked about the aodNotify app, which allows you to preview notifications on the Galaxy S20, S10, Note 10, and other Samsung devices running Android 10 using the Always On Display functionality. And now, we’re back again with a handy app called sideActions that lets you remap the power button the Galaxy S20 devices.

The sideActions app by XDA Senior Member jawomo was initially launched back in September last year, following the launch of the Galaxy Note 10 series, and it allowed users to remap the S Pen button on the devices. The developer has since updated the app and it now officially supports the new Galaxy S20 series. With the app, you can easily remap the power button to perform any action, like mute your phone, turn on the flashlight, and launch the Google Assistant, or you can use it to launch your favorite apps.


Additionally, the app also lets you remap the volume buttons on your Galaxy S20 and use them to skip tracks while listening to music, or do pretty much whatever you like. The app even supports per-app remapping, which means that you can trigger different actions depending on the app you’re currently in. However, in order to make any of this happen, the app requires a permission that you’ll need to enable using either the included Windows app or manually via ADB. If all of this sounds interesting, you can download the sideActions app from the Play Store link below and take it for a spin on your Galaxy S20. Here’s a list of all the supported features and actions:


  • Doube and long press supported
  • Remap the Power Button/side key on Galaxy S20!
  • Launch Google Assistant with the Power Button
  • Remap the Volume buttons!
  • Per app remapping
  • Turn on the flashlight with the Power Button
  • Disable the Power Button
  • Skip tracks with the volume buttons
  • High performance! No lags!
  • No annoying ads


  • Turn on flashlight
  • Take a screenshot
  • Mute phone
  • Answer phone calls
  • Launch Google Assistant
  • Launch camera or any other app
  • Switch to last app
  • Disable the Power Button
  • 35+ actions

sideActions thread on the Galaxy S20 Ultra forums

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