Remix OS For PC Exits Alpha, Brings Major Update

Remix OS For PC Exits Alpha, Brings Major Update

Remix OS the Android build rapidly gaining popularity for its implementation of multi-window and the ability to be installed and most PCs has left alpha and entered beta just six weeks after launch. The beta will be available to download from March 1st and brings some major changes.

The significant change log for the Beta includes:

  • Over 50 major bugs fixed

  • UEFI support added

  • 32-bit support added alongside 64-bit

  • Hard drive installer for dual boot now available

  • OTA update support

That’s right! From now on users of Remix OS can receive updates direct to the system via OTA, David Ko, Co-Founder of Jide Technology, explains: “Thanks to the support and feedback from our generous community, we’ve been able to speed up the development of the Beta version. Now with OTA software update support, users can begin to rely on Remix OS for more daily activities without the worry of a new update wiping their data. This update will help us to charge towards the eventual stable release later in 2016.”


Thanks to popular demand, Jide has been hard at work providing compatibility for 32-bit systems, which has also been implemented in the upcoming beta update

“A vast number of computers that still run 32-bit processors can now be given a new life with a lightweight Android-powered OS. This capability has exciting prospects particularly in developing markets where consumers are unlikely to regularly upgrade their hardware”

Many users stated that they were frustrated by the lack of Google Play Services on the system, this is due to Google’s testing of the operating environment and could mean that the Play Store and everything it brings will be available “out of the box” in a future OTA after Google have completed their tests. Users of the beta unfamiliar with the installation process can find simple instructions on the Jide website on how to install the store themselves until then.


What do you think to the latest update? Is Remix OS something you’ll use? What would you like to see in future updates?

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