Remix OS For PC Receives Android 6.0

Remix OS For PC Receives Android 6.0

Jide the Company behind Remix OS, has released the eagerly awaited Android 6.0 update for Remix OS for PC. The update has seen many features added based on feedback direct from the community including the official Remix OS forums here at XDA. As always the latest Remix OS download can be found over at and can be installed on most intel based hardware.

Some of the brilliant changes in this latest update include

  • A New button that resizes an app window to fit specifically to the app’s content – ensuring an optimal layout is maintained.
  • Video-based apps now open up in full-screen when you maximize the video rather than staying in a small framed window
  • Resizing windows manually can now be initiated anywhere along the edge of the window (other than the top edge), rather than just on the bottom right corner


 “A couple of things really helped us to improve the user experience for this Android 6.0 upgrade of Remix OS. First, we collected all the feedback our user community sends us and prioritized our development work based on their needs. Second, Chih-Wei Huang’s (Android-x86 Open Source Project founder) addition to our team has been huge. His knowledge and experience has helped us immensely in creating a more stable experience on Remix OS for PC.” – Jeremy Chau, Co-Founder of Jide Technology

Download Remix OS For PC here!

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