Jide Partners with XDA for Hosting of Remix OS Forums

Jide Partners with XDA for Hosting of Remix OS Forums

Today we are pleased to announce a new, not-for-profit partnership between XDA and Jide, creator of the famous Remix OS productivity-oriented ROM.

At XDA, we are always looking to explore our devices in new ways to enrich our lives. Jide developed Remix OS to fill a crucial void in Android — productivity-oriented, desktop-like usage. With Android’s competition ramping up in this space, attempting to overtake both corporations and classrooms with all-purpose tablets and computers, Remix OS allows Android to catch up and provide valuable features such as true multi-tasking to deliver a better tablet experience.

We view the XDA-Developers platform as perhaps the most influential within our earliest adopter community. We’re all quite excited about the partnership

Jason Zheng, Jide International Marketing Manager

After many innovative releases, including a new and refined Remix version that runs on the majority of the world’s computers, Jide has understandably grown rapidly. Because of this, we will be hosting Remix’s forums here at XDA; they will be regarded as official forums, with Jide having access to the tools necessary to foster their own little community here at XDA.

Jide’s Remix OS was one of the more exciting developments for Android tablets, allowing users of amazing hardware such as the Nexus 9 to experience the UI and features that Android tablets should have adopted long ago. They are also compliant with GPL and Apache, and are still developing their Remix OS so that more people can experience it. At XDA, we value the kind of improvements that these custom solutions bring to our lives. Because of this, we hope you welcome Remix fans and Jide into our forums!

If you want to check out the new forums, take a tour here.

Many users have asked how they can donate to support the development of Remix OS, the best way to show your support is to purchase Jide’s hardware or try out Remix OS and provide feedback, however they also ask that you consider donating to Android x86 without which Remix OS for PC could not have existed

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