Rename Image Files easily with IMAG to Date

Rename Image Files easily with IMAG to Date

Being able to take photos with your Windows Mobile device camera is great, but the default naming convention “IMAG####.jpg” when saving the photos to your SD card is somewhat counter-intuitive.

This is especially frustrating when backing up your photos to your computer. If the filename already exists, you need to rename the file before copying, and it makes organizing and identifying your image files more difficult.

IMAG to Date is a Windows Mobile camera utility that makes things a lot easier. Developed by XDA forum member Nullstring, IMAG to date renames your image files to date formatted filenames “MMddyyyHHmm_RID” (Random ID) where the dates are based on the date when the file is created – i.e. when you capture the image.

IMAG to Date supports file types JPG, GIF and BMP, and requires .NET CF 3.5

To download the application, and for more information, check out the application thread.

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