2017 Pixel XL Design Allegedly Revealed by New Render

2017 Pixel XL Design Allegedly Revealed by New Render

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Google was shown to be working on three different smartphones this year until one of them was rumored to have been cancelled. Reports have suggested that Google is working with LG on OLED panels and our own sources have told us what to expect when it comes to hardware specifications for both the 2017 Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. Now a mock up render from Android Police gives us a look at what we could expect from the larger Pixel smartphone this year.

This new image was created and is said to represent “the overall look and feel” of the new 2017 Pixel XL. There isn’t any information that indicates this is what the smaller 2017 Pixel will look like though, as our sources indicate it will be “almost identical” to last year’s smaller Pixel. This mock up shows that the successor to the Google Pixel XL will have its design inspired by a number of different devices. When we look at the front, we can see how similar the bezels are to the LG G6.

Android Police says their sources are telling them it will in fact be manufactured by LG as well. The right side shows where the power and volume down buttons will be, and the SIM tray will be located on the left side. Turning the phone over shows the top glass design that we’ve come to know from the Nexus 6P and the Google Pixel. This time though, the glass piece does not engulf the fingerprint sensor as it doesn’t extend that far down.

The mock up does seem to indicate that Google will not be opting for a dual camera setup on the back of the phone. And we’re also seeing a much larger camera used this time around as well. Their sources are also saying that it will have a squeezable frame like we see in the HTC U11. Granted, Android Police says this may not be the absolute final design of the 2017 Pixel XL, but they are confident that it should be close at the very least. It also closely matches what we reported from our own sources.

Source: Android Police