Renders of Samsung Galaxy S8 with Headphone Jack and Stereo Speakers Leaked

Renders of Samsung Galaxy S8 with Headphone Jack and Stereo Speakers Leaked

There’s a lot riding on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Not only does it have to become the next successful flagship from Samsung after the Note 7 debacle, it also has to thwart attempts from other Android OEMs who will be pulling out their own flagships in the same time frame. A failure at this period will give users other options to choose from, and Samsung seems to have realized this.

Previous rumors relating to the Galaxy S8 noted the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack port. However, this aspect of the phone seems to have changed, if the latest leaks and rumors are to be believed.

GSMArena got their hands on 3D renders based on accurate schematics of the Galaxy S8 from a case maker. According to these renders, the Galaxy S8 truly embraces the curved display. The curves on the display now appear more pronounced and push the bezel out of sight. The Home button continues to remain absent in the renders, further strengthening the rumor that the physical buttons have been done away with entirely.

The back of the device bears only a single camera. GSMArena suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus variant will be the one sporting the dual camera setup. If true, this will lead to greater differentiation between the two models than one just being an over-sized version of the other. There is no fingerprint sensor to be found on the back, which builds up on the rumors that Samsung will be placing the scanner below the display.

The renders also depict what appears to be the 3.5mm headphone jack port, at the bottom. AndroidPolice notes a similar scenario with regards the presence of the headphone jack port, based on information received through an independent source.

Also to note, the renders show that there are two sets of speaker holes, one each at the top and bottom on the mid-frame. This suggests that the Galaxy S8 will feature stereo speakers.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is reportedly set for launch on April 18th, but Samsung seems to be open to the idea of previewing the device earlier.

What are your thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S8 so far? Is the device ticking the right boxes for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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