Replacement Galaxy Note 7 Units Continue to Have Battery Issues

Replacement Galaxy Note 7 Units Continue to Have Battery Issues

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Samsung has been trying to replace defective Galaxy Note 7s as quickly as possible, but it looks like the South Korean tech giant has run into yet another issue with the device. It’s being reported that customers in South Korea who have had their Galaxy Note 7 replaced are still experiencing issues with the batteries inside their smartphones. Thankfully, it’s not the same defect that has been causing units to catch on fire and explode, but this isn’t helping the company’s reputation at all right now.

South Korean customers have reported their new replacement units are having one of two new issues with the device. Some people have noticed their Galaxy Note 7 begin to overheat while the device is charging. There haven’t been any new reports of explosions from this overheating issue, but it definitely is a possibility if they heat up past a certain extent. Other customers have noticed their Galaxy Note 7 is actually losing battery life while the device is plugged in and supposed to be charging.

Samsung is currently calling these new issues “isolated incidents” and cannot confirm whether or not this will be happening in other parts of the world. So far, there hasn’t been any reported issues like this for those in the US having their Note 7 replaced, but it is something that customers should look out for. So even if your Galaxy Note 7 has the green battery indicator in the status bar, you’ll still want to keep your eye on the device while it’s being charged. It would be a good idea to not only monitor if the device is actually being charged, but to also check and see if it is overheating too.

We’ll be keeping our eye on the Galaxy Note 7 forums here to see if this turns into a common issue in other parts of the world. We are bound to learn more in due time.

Source: The Wall Street Journal