Report: Amazon Wants to Add a Screen Onto a New Echo Device

Report: Amazon Wants to Add a Screen Onto a New Echo Device

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The Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot have been quite popular for the company. It showed what a stationary personal assistant device could be and it has induced other companies to create their own implementations. This was also a way for Amazon to show off how unique and useful their Alexa personal assistant is, as companies have been using the Alexa SDK in all sorts of products such as refrigerators, watches, smartphones, TVs and even dancing robots.

Alexa was everywhere at CES 2017 and Amazon is working hard to keep their lead in the market space. Google has their Google Home product and while it can do many things that Amazon Alexa and its Echo products can’t do, it is still an uphill battle for Google right now. We’ve seen reports that both Google and Amazon want to add a way for people to place phone calls to both landlines and cell phones, and a new product from Amazon could be the first step in that direction.

A new report from CNET cites “a person familiar with the plans” and says Amazon’s new Echo product is code-named “Knight”. This product is said to be getting full attention from Amazon ever since Google announced that Google Home receives multi-user support. The release date for this new Echo device could change at any time, but as of right now it is believed that it will be made available to the public as soon as next month.

Just as the newly announced Echo Look comes with a camera, this new product is said to come with both a camera as well as some sort of display implementation. It’s unknown if it will be a touchscreen right now, but some speculate that it will be used for both video chats as well as online shopping. If it is in fact a touchscreen, then it could also be used in conjunction with voice commands to execute more complex queries.

Source: CNET