Report: Google Play Downloads and Time Spent Hit Record Heights in Q3 2017

Report: Google Play Downloads and Time Spent Hit Record Heights in Q3 2017

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Many have talked about the stagnation that we’re seeing when it comes to smartphone hardware. While this may be true, this isn’t changing the way we interact with our smartphones and tablets. In fact, a new report from App Annie analyzed application usage, time spent and revenue spent on mobile applications throughout Q3 2017. Both app stores reportedly saw record growth with Google Play seeing a big spike in downloads from both India as well as Southeast Asia.

According to the report, application and games downloads from both the App Store and Google Play grew 8% during Q3 of this year compared to last year. This brought the total up close to 26 billion downloads worldwide from both stores combined. The report notes that these stats only include an application or game’s initial download and does not include reinstalls or application updates. When we factor in those reinstalls and application updates, both the Play Store and the App Store saw 3x the growth rate.

Both application stores combined brought in close to $17 billion in revenue for the third quarter (which is up 28% compared to the same quarter last year). Not only that, but the report from App Annie saw the total amount of time spent in applications and games (worldwide) on Android alone grow by 40% when compared to last year. This equates to close to 325 billion hours spent in apps during Q3 2017 alone. India has been the largest market (in terms of downloads) for Google Play since Q4 of last year and it along with Southeast Asia attributed to a lot of their recent growth.

As usual though, people are still spending more money on iOS devices than on applications from Google Play. The report says that during Q3 of this year iOS applications brought in almost twice as much as Android apps did and the lead iOS has actually grew compared to last year as well. If you want to read about this report’s methodology, visit this link.

Source: App Annie