Report: Samsung to Launch the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23rd

Report: Samsung to Launch the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23rd

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For a few years, we were used to Samsung launching the new Galaxy Note series at the end of Q3 (Galaxy Note 3) and sometimes into Q4 (Galaxy Note 4). For the last two years though, we’ve seen Samsung unveil their new new Galaxy Note smartphone in August. Many speculated that this is an attempt at siphoning off potential iPhone sales from Apple while others feel it’s a way to get the phone into the hands of early adopters so they can then include it in promotions for the holiday season.

Whatever the case is, the Android community has been looking forward to August in hopes that Samsung would continue this new trend and follow in the footsteps of the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note 7 when it comes to unveiling their new phone. Earlier today, it was reported that Samsung would indeed be launching the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23rd and when The Investor reached out to Samsung for a comment they were unable to confirm the exact date.

An executive at Samsung did go on record and say that they are currently planning to unveil the Galaxy Note 8 in New York “later next month.” However, they have yet to confirm the previously reported date of August 23rd at this time. If the launch date of the Galaxy Note 8 will in fact be on the 23rd of next month, Samsung is likely wanting to hold that information back until they start issuing press invites to various publications.

This would be different from what we’ve heard in previous leaks that claimed the device would launch in the second half of September. However, some people refer to a smartphone’s launch as its unveiling while others say that’s when the device went on sale. The Galaxy Note 8 is said to have a 6.3″ display (with the new taller aspect ratio), sell for a price of €999 and have more pronounced edges than the Galaxy S8/S8+.

Source: The Investor