Report: Samsung to Release Galaxy S8 in Mid-April, with Preview in Feb-March and Shipment Goal of 60M

Report: Samsung to Release Galaxy S8 in Mid-April, with Preview in Feb-March and Shipment Goal of 60M

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All eyes are bound to be on the Samsung Galaxy S8 when Samsung decides to release it. We are all waiting to see not only what Samsung plans to introduce in terms of new features, but also to hear what they have to done to avoid a Note 7 situation with their new phone.

Public skepticism does not seem to be a worry for Samsung right now, however, as it has set very healthy shipment targets for the Galaxy S8.

According to a report out of Korea citing industry sources, the shipment goal for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is pegged to be at 60 Million units for the year. This is higher than that of its recent prior flagships, shedding light on Samsung’s confidence on its yet-to-be-official smartphone. The report mentions that the total shipments for the Galaxy S3 sat at65 Million units, S4 reached a record of 70 Million, Galaxy S5 topped 45 Million, then the S6 managed 45 Million and the S7 hit 48 Million units. Seeing the general trend and Samsung’s very recent past, that is a very optimistic view on the flagship.

Mass production for the Galaxy S8 will begin in March, when Samsung will begin rolling out 5 Million units of the S8 each month after it receives parts in February from vendors. The phone is likely to be released in Mid-April (possibly by the third week) to consumers, as new reports suggest. But, there is also a possibility that Samsung is looking to preview the device in February-March by releasing a small batch of the device, likely for showcasing it to select consumers and promotional purposes.

Samsung’s ambitious plan is necessary in order to make up for the loss in reputation it suffered from the Note 7 fisco. Further, as the release of the phone is pushed back, there is a lot more riding on the phone to make up for Q1 2017 results which will likely see a lot of expenditure and little income.

What are your thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and its shipment targets? Do you think Samsung will be able to achieve the goals it set? Let us know in the comments below!