Report: Samsung will Produce a Prototype Foldable Smartphone in Q3

Report: Samsung will Produce a Prototype Foldable Smartphone in Q3

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Whether you like the idea or not, foldable smartphones are coming, and the technology looks to be nearing release in the next year or two. Dating all the way back to 2015, LG has felt that foldable displays are the future and they reportedly had plans to start investing in them back then as well. Thanks to patent images, we’ve seen that Samsung has a number of ideas as to what type of foldable display would be best for smartphones and tablets alike.

We could end up with one like the image at the top of this article demonstrates, or we could have one with a display that rolls up into a cylindrical container. It’s just way too early to tell what will be financially (and technologically) viable to mass produce at this time. We also have to take into consideration about whether or not there is any actual demand for these products. We do know that Samsung is putting a ton of money into researching the concept and a recent report showed they would reveal one in the third quarter of this year, so at least the OEMs themselves believes there may be market demand to capture.

Plans like these change all the time but it sounds like Samsung is still on track with a Q3 release time frame for a prototype device. A new report from etnews claims that Samsung is working on the final stage of development for an upcoming prototype foldable smartphone. This would give them enough time to test the product internally, and then unveil it to the public to see how the market would react to that type of product. If everything falls into place, then the report says mass production of the device will begin in 2018.

A lot can happen between now and the third quarter of this year though. Samsung executives could pull the plug on the project at any time if they aren’t satisfied with the results, or the initial feedback to the product could go poorly, killing the concept before it reaches mass production. Only time will tell.

Would you be interested in a smartphone or tablet that folds or rolls up into a smaller form factor?

Source: etnews