Report Says There are 12 Million Mobile Developers

Report Says There are 12 Million Mobile Developers

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Mobile usage has been surging for years, and some reports suggests we’re just now starting to see the industry hit a plateau when it comes to smartphone shipments. Whether or not this stagnation continues or not, we’ll have to wait and see, but there are a lot of people and businesses investing money and time into the mobile space right now.

The web used to be the go-to environment for aspiring new developers, this attention has been shifting over to the mobile industry as well.

A new report from Evans Survey tells us there are now 12 million developers who are currently working on mobile in some form or another. This can mean developers who are working on the backend of an application, developers who are working on the front end of an application, and those who are working on the design aspect of mobile apps. Of course, this also includes developers from our very own forum, who are contributing day in and day out to the Android community.

The report from Evans Data says the entire worldwide developer population sits around 21 million people. This number helps to put things into perspective as this suggests over half of all developers are working on mobile applications. Of those 12 million mobile developers, this report says 5.9 million target Android first, while 2.8 million target the iOS platform first. With Google’s Play Store being so open and accessible, it’s easy to see why this is the case.

The report also talks about how this number will be expanding in the future. If things continue to stay the course, the Evans Data report believes the number of mobile app developers will increase from 12 million to 14 million in the next four years. Mobile consists of a lot of products though, including smartphones, tablets and wearables, so it’s easy to see how there is plenty of room for the ecosystem to grow.

Source: eWeek