Restore Your Softbricked Moto G after Lollipop Update

Restore Your Softbricked Moto G after Lollipop Update

Being one of the handful of devices released by when Motorola was still owned by Google, the Moto G has finally been updated to Android 5.0 in the past week through an OTA update and an update leak. As Moto G users are installing and experiencing Lollipop, it’s inevitable that some issues would occur, such as a softbrick, especially with the different variants of the device. So, if you’ve managed to get your Moto G softbricked after updating it, a tutorial written by XDA Senior Member GI0\/\NNI may help.

Consisting of 10 steps, the tutorial teaches users how to unbrick and restore their softbricked device after updating it to Android 5.0. It essentially consists of using ADB and Fastboot with CMD and flashing a fresh firmware onto your device, and if you wish, installing the Android 5.0 OTA update again. If however this process is a bit complicated, GI0\/\NNI has also provided another method which involves downloading an Android 4.4.4 firmware, and making a .bat file with the provided code, and using this file to install the firmware. It must be noted that this tutorial is only for softbricked devices, as there is currently no remedy for users who have hardbricked their Moto G.

So, if you’ve gotten your Moto G softbricked after the Lollipop update and want to check this tutorial out, head over to the Moto G Softbrick restore thread for more information.

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