Return to Simplicity with Listen Launcher

Return to Simplicity with Listen Launcher

Many Android users feel overwhelmed by Android’s user interface, thanks to the multiple home screens, fancy lock screens, and the vast number of widgets available. Sometimes you just want a phone that simply show you your apps, and perhaps allow you to quickly check the weather before you go out, or show notifications of new emails and messages.

XDA Forum Member Deanimo introduced an independently developed third-party launcher called Listener Launcher. The app is simple, light, easily manageable, and yet not overwhelming. Listener Launcher is comprised of 2 main screens: a singular home screen, and vertically-scrolling app drawer.

The home screen displays your standard date and time, alarm, and weather on the bottom right hand. The second major component of Listener Launcher is that it is an extremely lean and simplistic app drawer, displaying a vertically-scrollable selection of apps organized in five columns. The app drawer is also interchangeable between two modes, the first having apps organised in an alphabetical order, and the second displaying your favorite apps at the top.

Listener Launcher is a simplistic and light third-party launcher, with a free beta supporting devices that run Gingerbread and newer. More details can be found in the original thread.

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