RhinoShield CrashGuard Pixel XL Drop Test – 11 Feet Onto Cement

RhinoShield CrashGuard Pixel XL Drop Test – 11 Feet Onto Cement

In this video, Miles takes the CrashGuard bumper out for a drop text after showing us the impressive engineering that goes into every bumper. RhinoShield claims their cases can protect your phone from a fall from up to 11 feet.  Let’s put that to the test with a new Pixel XL. Here are the results below from each drop position. For the full-length video, scroll down the page.

Drop from pocket height

From a pocket height drop, no damage is done to the case or the phone. No smudges or scratches to be seen.

Drop from chest height

This drop for chest height landed hard. The bumper absorbed the shock and took a little bit of scratch damage on the corner. The phone was still left in perfect condition.

Drop from overhead

Similar to the last test, only minor scratches can be found on the bumper. The integrity of the phone is left unchanged.

11 foot drop

Miles finishes up his drop test with a giant 11 foot  drop. Still nothing more than minor scratches on the case. The phone is left without any flaws.

Full video

CrashGuard is superior to the bumpers of the past because it has been engineered to absorb impact. This is done by utilizing a proprietary polymer material that is far more shock-absorbent than plastic, and it also has a protective honeycomb structure within the bumper to disperse impact properly. In fact, within the honeycombs are compartments of pressurized air that act as airbags and deflect impact energy. If that sounds really elaborate, it is, and the net result is that you can drop your phone from a variety of heights (up to 11 feet) and if you have a CrashGuard bumper on the phone, you’re going to have a completely unmarked phone.


Not only are CrashGuard bumpers durable, but they’re lightweight (with most of their bumpers coming in under 14 grams). They’re also pretty grippy thanks to the matte finish, and they come in a variety of colors. Another thing we really like about the CrashGuard line is the pricing: the Pixel XL is priced at $24.99, and you can grab one from CrashGuard for the Pixel/Pixel XL.


If you have one of the many other phones that are supported by RhinoShield, you can check out their Amazon page to see all of their available options.

Thanks to RhinoShield for sponsoring this post.

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