Hands-on with RhinoShield CrashGuard and SolidSuit for OnePlus 6T and Google Pixel 3

Hands-on with RhinoShield CrashGuard and SolidSuit for OnePlus 6T and Google Pixel 3


The SolidSuit cases for OnePlus 6T, Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL offer a full-body protective solution starting at $29.99. There are two color options for the OnePlus 6T including Classic Black, and Carbon Black. The Google Pixel 3 is available in Carbon Fiber, Classic Black, Classic White and Classic Blush Pink. These cases are a single-piece shell that is made up of RhinoShield’s signature ShockSpread honeycomb design.

These cases are light and made with plastic that is soft to the touch, but offers a grippy feel when you’re holding it. All of the ports are perfectly aligned, including the oversized charging port which can fit larger adapters in it.


SolidSuit for OnePlus 6T

SolidSuit for OnePlus 6T

SolidSuit for OnePlus 6T with Lens

SolidSuit for OnePlus 6T with ShockSpread Design

Print designs will also be made available for SolidSuit cases in January. This option lets you add a custom graphic to your case.

CrashGuard and SolidSuit cases for OnePlus 6T, Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL

The SolidSuit Cases for the Pixel 3 are in the final design stage, but RhinoShield plans to add texture of the sides to improve grip.  They will also be adding a matte finish to the inside surface.

RhinoShield offers two different types of lenses that are compatible with the SolidSuit case: 4K HD Wide + Macro and Wide + Macro. Each lens comes with a lens cap that helps prevent dust and scratches when it’s not being used, plus a little carrying pouch. The lenses come with a quick and easy lens adapter that makes taking the lenses on and off super painless. With most smartphone lens kits you’ll get at least some interference from the edges of the lens which end up blocking out the corners of your photos. You wont find that on the RhinoShield lenses, as they’re plenty big enough for your phone.


The CrashGuard bumpers are $24.99 and act as an ultra light and minimal solution for impact protection. These cases fit very snug around the OnePlus 6T, Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The bumper is a tight fit and curves around the edges of the phone to fit the contours.

For being such a minimal case, the CrashGuard offers an impressive 11 feet of impact protection. The snug fit of the bumper will ensure that your phone doesn’t pop out, even when you drop it. You can also rest easy knowing that your bumper will not become loose over time, like many other bumpers on the market.

CrashGuard for Google Pixel 3

CrashGuard for Google Pixel 3

CrashGuard for Google Pixel 3 with Swappable Power Button

CrashGuard for Google Pixel 3

The CrashGuard bumpers for the Pixel 3 that are shown above are the final version of the bumper design. The power button covers can be removed and replaced with six different colors.

For screen protectors, you’ll have the option of an Impact Protection Screen Protector or Tempered Glass Screen Protector. Each solution is designed to work with your CrashGuard or SolidSuit case. If you have a CrashGuard bumper, you can also apply a back plate protective cover, so that every inch of your phone stays protected.

These screen protectors start at $19.99. Choose which screen protector is right for you and pair it with your favorite RhinoShield case.

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