RhinoShield Galaxy S9 Case Review: Testing CrashGuard Bumper and the Updated SolidSuit Case [Save 20% with Code]

RhinoShield Galaxy S9 Case Review: Testing CrashGuard Bumper and the Updated SolidSuit Case [Save 20% with Code]

RhinoShield has been making the best cases for flagship phones for quite some time. With the CrashGuard bumper case they designed a low-profile protective solution that doesn’t take away from the visual appeal of your phone. Their new SolidSuit line is a full-body protective case that offers maximum impact protection while weighing only 30 grams.  These cases are available for the Galaxy S9, S9+, and many other flagship phones.

Take a look at these cases and see the level of detail and research that has resulted in a far better product than the competition.

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The SolidSuit Case

The SolidSuit case is a single piece that fits snug around your phone. There are cutouts for your cameras, sensors, and ports which leave the heart rate/ blood pressure monitor uninterrupted. The port for the charger is extra large to accommodate cables of varying sizes. The case itself is made of a honeycomb structure that is designed to absorb the impact of a drop from up to 11 feet. The case comes in Classic Black and Carbon Fiber finishes, depending on your own personal style.

These cases are extremely tough and will be very difficult to break. Even the buttons are very clicky and feel durable and solid. A raised lip which sits around the screen of your phone will protect the front from scratches and impacts. The material that the case is made of gives it a very smooth but grippy finish. This is a great bonus especially for phones like the Galaxy S9 which are very slippery.

There are many protective cases on the market. But without innovations like the honeycomb shock-spread technology, they end up being bulky and clunky compared to RhinoShield. As a result, the SolidSuit case is much thinner than other protective cases.

It is instantly noticeable that RhinoShield put so much care into making sure that this is the best quality case of its kind.

The CrashGaurd Bumper

The CrashGaurd Bumper is a super-slim bumper that sits tightly around your phone, leaving the back and front of the phone fully visible. The same roomy port cutouts can be found here, making sure you can fit most cables in the charge port. The case is extremely lightweight and gives the effect that you’re not even using a case at all. At only 14 grams this bumper has a minimal profile, making sure you can can still show off your phone without it being too clunky. With the same ShockSpread material as the SolidSuit case, you’ll have up to 11ft of drop protection for your phone.

The CrashGaurd bumper has a snug fit and wont get loose over time, like some of the cheaper bumpers out there. The raised lip design will protect the front and back from scratches that you’d normally get from your phone sitting on rough surfaces.

The small details like the oversized ports, clicky buttons, and overall quality make this the best bumper case you can get for your Galaxy S9.

RhinoShield’s research and dedication to quality has made their products unmatched when it comes to protective cases. Save 20% by using our code “XDA” when you’re buying your new case from RhinoShield.

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