RhinoShield’s ShockSpread Polymer Bumpers Keep Your Device Safe & Stylish

RhinoShield’s ShockSpread Polymer Bumpers Keep Your Device Safe & Stylish

There is no shortage of case and bumper options for any given smartphone these days — however, when it comes to protecting your precious device, you tend to look for the most durable and stylish offerings out there. RhinoShield cases are popular precisely because they fit that balance nicely, and their latest ShockSpread Polymer material will give your device the protection you want, with none of the compromises other cases and bumpers bring.

ShockSpread is a special polymer that could be described as a “material science breakthrough”, given it enables RhinoShield to bring more durable and flexible cases that are also thinner yet just as protective. This material separates newer RhinoShield bumpers from the competition as it offers several intrinsic advantages over conventional materials. You might have tried ShockSpread on a RhinoShield Galaxy S8 bumper, but the same technology is now available for their OnePlus 5, Note 8 and Honor 9 products, and all future products will be made of ShockSpread as well. Unlike other case manufacturers, RhinoShield focuses on innovative solutions in their designs, instead of simply iterating upon conventional materials and practices. While other companies merely add more material for additional protection, RhinoShield decided to improve their products through innovative research and development. So how good is it, and why is it better than the cookie cutter polycarbonate solutions of other cases?

ShockSpread is a new polymer that’s super tough, flexible and can help provide excellent protection in pretty much every way. For impact protection, RhinoShield cases made with ShockSpread allow for drop protection that far exceeds the US military drop test standard (MIL-STD 810G), as these can absorb at least 11.5 feet (3.5 meters) of impact. And while you should definitely not try this at home, some drop tests even had the cases succeed at protecting RhinoShielded-phones from 100-foot drops. If you do manage to drop your device and you aren’t confident in your screen protector or gorilla glass, the subtle raised lip design of these bumpers help keep your display pristine by rising slightly above the open surfaces of the front, while letting you see the premium back of your phone. And the honeycomb structure of the inner case surfaces further helps ShockSpread achieve better shock absorption, maximizing the design’s efficiency by increasing the surface area of physical deformation and soaking up impact energy by compressing the material, instead of transferring the shock to your device.

The strength of ShockSpread also allows for thin yet durable designs that are not intrusive, do not hide your phone’s contours and do not add unnecessary bulk. This material allowed the company to reduce overall volume by 40% and thickness by 22% while retaining the impact resistance of previous designs. The high tensile strength of ShockSpread products is significantly greater than that of traditional polycarbonate and TPU solutions too, making for a snug fit that doesn’t feel loose and does not significantly loosen up with age. It resists forces that bring elongation well, allowing RhinoShield bumpers to have bigger port cutouts while still remaining excellent structural integrity — you can bend and twist it without worrying about breaking it!

ShockSpread allows for large port openings with no compromises

ShockSpread is also a softer material than polycarbonate and aluminium, which ensures that even when submitted to force and pressure, your device will not be scratched by the components of the product itself. Speaking of which, since the entire bumper is made of one material, it’s wholly recyclable and the ShockSpread polymer is 100% BPA-free — unlike the polycarbonates in other cases.

In Summary: As you can see from the pictures above, RhinoShield bumpers are an excellent match for smartphones like the OnePlus 5, allowing the phone to showcase the premium materials chosen by the manufacturer while giving you ease of mind and comfort in the hand. ShockSpread bumpers ensure you will get the most protection for the least added bulk, with extra benefits such as wider ports and a safe, BPA-free material. If you want to check out RhinoShield cases for your device, head over to their site or follow the links below!

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