Rid Lock Screen Notification Woes with Xposed

Rid Lock Screen Notification Woes with Xposed

I’m sure that we’re all well aware of rovo89‘s Xposed Framework, and I’m sure that it has magically rid users of countless problems, no matter how big or small, we’ve had to put up with on our Android phones and tablets. This is evident with the numerous Xposed modules we’ve covered both on the Portal and XDA-Dev TV, which remedy a host of issues people may have with their devices, such as disabling the low battery alert and pesky NFC restrictions, just to cite a couple.

Well, Xposed Framework has come to the rescue again. Gone is the pesky inability to slide down the notification area at the lock screen. How so? XDA Forum Member vrthe1 developed a handy Xposed module that fixes the aforementioned problem by overriding the restriction disabling the notification area at the lock screen.

The module also has some additional perks, including double tapping the screen to turn it off and an AOSP-styled notification area. Of course, it must also be noted that by enabling the notification area to slide down at a protected lock screen, you’re undermining the security of your device to a certain degree by allowing potential snoopers access to snippets of your information.

If you have been looking for a fix like this, make your way over to the module thread to get started.

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